Sunday, December 6, 2009

winter arrived overnight

It's really begun to feel like winter around here over the past few days. Yesterday was just cold rain, and then in the afternoon it cleared. This morning at 730am it was 30 degrees outside, and that's cold compared to last weeks mild mornings of 50's and low 60's!
The yard was covered in a blanket of frost. I didn't even grab my camera to take a picture until the back yard was half thawed from the sun. So I grabbed a quick pic of the fuzzy icy frost before it melted away. It's the 2nd frost we've seen so far this fall/winter. I want SNOW!

I think today will be a comfort food kind of day around this house. I have pulled out the ingredients to make some chili!! Yum!


WackyMummy said...

I love those frosty photos. We got snow! It's not going to stay for long, I bet, but it's nice to have a first snow. I hope to get some pics up soon.