Thursday, October 4, 2007

5 years

Robert C. Dodds - The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.

I think we’re doing ok at 5 years of marriage and a little over 6 years together. There’s always room for growth, and improving on oneself and as a couple. In 5 years, we’ve faced our share of what others may define as adversity.

In a little over 6 years of togetherness total – we’ve had a lot to think about ‘together’ as Dodds says in his quote above. On Jonathon’s birthday, the same year we met and began our relationship – my dad had quadruple bypass. Jonathon held my hand, and showed me understanding though a tough time, right from the very start. Not too long after that, Jonathon was in a pretty nasty car accident and managed to be ok with little injury. Then we were onto a nasty, emotional battle for custody of Jonathon's son, which ended in our favor and honestly, for the best – literally a miracle (for any father to get custody – IS a miracle now that we’re aware of the ‘justice’ system first hand) - at marriage I became a mom! January of 2005 Jonathon goes for a check up because he’s short of breath helping a friend move, and is ordered to do a stress test, at which he has a heart attack – we find ourselves at 2pm that afternoon making a decision together for major heart surgery. Life for us, changes… 5 months later, a total surprise and blessing, we’re pregnant! My pregnancy, while high-risk, was a pure joy, and ended with a quick visit to the O.R. after 20+ hours of trying to get the baby here the ‘regular’ way, our son was stubborn and not at all positioned right! There have been 2 deaths of grandparents on Jonathon’s side of the family. My step-mother loses a long, hard, and courageous battle to cancer. And then, my brother passes away unexpectedly this year.

It may seem to others looking in that we’ve really had our emotional fill. I can say, first hand – that for each of the struggles, have come equal blessings. We have two healthy, happy kids. We learned early on in our marriage, that you hold close to you those that you love; and we should take no day for granted. We have our health, and we’re more conscious of our daily habits because of what’s happened in our lives, and in the lives of those we love. We have each other, and we’ve stuck by each other during our ‘better or worse’ moments thus far. It would seem that we can face anything! We sure try!!
On our wedding announcements, on a whim – I chose a old verse as the quote. It couldn’t be more fitting for our lives.

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be… ~Robert Browning