Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ripped off

This week my Visa Debit card number was stolen! This happens everyday to other people, and now it has happened to us! Over 600.00 in charges. How it happened I have NO CLUE. I know that my bank called me to alert me of unusual activity in my account with my card number, asked me to stop into a branch location to further discuss it and to verify my account charges. Sure enough - TONS of charges were made. Most purchases by internet.

I was to spend the rest of my day on the phone or in person with the bank, the police, and to fill out a crime report on which is the main site for internet/cyber crimes. I've been educated in how this may have happened, but until they investigate and IF they figure out who did this, we may never know officially how it occured. When, Where, Why, Who? We may never know, and I bet they'd get a slap on the wrist at best when caught. I'm frustrated!!

Individual liability is greater with a debit card then a credit card - which means my bank could have held me more liable. I know that I'll pay even closer attention to our bank account activity daily - I already check it once a day most of the time, but now it is absolutely the first thing I will do each day!