Monday, October 1, 2007

Fall is finally here!

With the official beginning of fall recently, and this weird weather pattern - I am waiting patiently on the cooler days, fall colors, etc. I was looking through some pictures from last year this time, and found this beautiful shot of the leaves changing in our neighboorhood entry. I'm so glad that October is here!!! I love this time of year, fall leaves (beginning to change a bit now), more comfortable temperatures, holidays just around the corner. This month we’ll celebrate 4 family birthdays, in order: Hannah (10/4), Ezra and Denise (10/8), Jonathon (10/31). We will celebrate our 5th year anniversary 10/4, and then the fun of decorations, costumes, and candy on Halloween! It’s one of my favorite times of the year!!

This year we’re going to a few festivals for October, there’s a special Hallow-Fest at Carowinds and I think we’re going to go in the next 2 weekends. Ezra’s school is doing a FunFest next weekend as well, so we’ll pop in to participate in the fund raising there too. Happy Fall to everyone!


Amy said...

We have a Halloween birthday too! Baeden was my pumpkin patch baby (in '03).