Monday, September 15, 2008

frugal on toys

Remember seeing these pics of our little man at his class?? He loves to slide! I ran across a deal this weekend, and grabbed one of those slides for $20.00! It sells new for 80.00! The one found is in like new condition, and was only used for 1 summer in a backyard full of shade trees - so no fading at all!! We figure 20 bucks for a bit of fun is well worth it... Even though it's totally too small for big E, he still was a good sport and showed little J he'd play with him on it. HA.

The weekend was calm, as the gas stations around us all began to run out of gas on Friday mid-day. We spent most of the weekend at home and had Meme and Papaw over for dinner Saturday night. The only venturing out was locally for a bite to eat for lunch today and a few close errands; it's amazing how quickly the fuel supply was wiped out around here. Our last update on our family in Texas is that they're safe and sound. They lived outside of the major disaster area, thankfully.