Thursday, September 18, 2008

lawn experts part 2

About that mudslinging yard of ours...

I sent the company (yes, an actual business did this) an email and made one phone call. My phone call preceded my email, and in that phone call I was belittled, and treated like an ignorant uneducated fool. It didn't go over well with me. I was told that 'in the future we'll make sure we notate your account of your sensitivity to the yard being aerated on such a soft(meaning just rained for an entire day)turf. Here's a snipit from the email I sent - I address how he commented on my past experiences w/ aeration, because every year since we've lived here it's been done by someone else, and evidentally we've never had the job done "right".

The remark that ‘obviously we’ve not had it done right’ came across quite snide and degrading as if I’m not aware that aeration is plugging and digging in my yard. If you google "what to expect after aeration" you'll get 67,900 answers. From the over 20 I read, each and every one says, "Immediately after aeration, your lawn will be dotted with small plugs pulled from the soil. Within a week or two, these plugs of thatch and soil break apart and disappear into the lawn." It does NOT say you'll see tire marks across your lawn, sidewalk and driveway and mud smeared all over your entire property.

I am expecting an immediate response from your company, apologizing for wasting my time and destroying my property. For your poor service and business practices, I also would expect a considerable credit toward this service, if not a full one. If this matter is not resolved professionally and in a timely manner, it will be reported to the Better Business Bureau. I do not want anyone from your company returning to my property to speak with me without calling first.

There's most of it, I left out the amount (hideous) I'm being requested to pay and how I can't get my head around how this is supposed to be 'high quality service'. I came home today after running errands and there was a solicitor in the n'hood, so I quickly posted my 'do not solicit here, Thanks!' sign on my door and started putting our groceries away and within 2 minutes I hear a knock at the door. My living room drapes were open, and little J was playing right there in front of the window... it was this company!! I thought I had asked for a courtesy call. I didn't answer the door, he walked around in my yard leisurely and left me a note that says "the aeration is a good job, however I would have preferred that they be more careful with the tractor, we'll work this out with you." THE TRACTOR!!!! In my less then .5 acre yard!!

I received a phone call within 10 minutes, and I was on the phone with Jonathon when they called so it went to v/mail. The man that came out wanted to 'see the yard for himself', I suppose the photos shocked him. It IS shocking. He said he understood my apprehension to answer the door, and only knocked as a courtesy to let me know he was there. His plans are to have the company reimburse us for having the drive way cleared of red smeared clay OR to have his employees come back to try to do it themselves. I'm thinking we'll likely handle it ourselves with a pressure washer. I'm still not happy with my yard, but it's not like they can come out here and wash the grass of the red mud streaks..... can they???