Thursday, September 11, 2008

a "lesson" in cleanliness

I've mentioned it before but here I go again, we're on a mission to determine what is best for our family with school. In that quest we're weighing our options of homeschooling heavily. We've sortof been doing a 'pros v/s cons' everytime we re-evaluate our childrens' individual needs. That being said, there's been alot of emotion put into this, alot of thought, nights of no sleep for me personally... I research, I read, but most of all I try to go on my instinct. I've found several homeschool groups locally, and I'm figuring out what goes on around here! We're not pleased with our local school options in general, and even private schools have a list of 'cons' for us. When an article comes along like this one, I put a big FAT check mark beside 'PRO'S' and add to my reasons to homeschool.

Article from Ace&TJ (my fav. radio talk show locally)

Do you ever wonder how some people are able to rise to certain positions of power . . . even though they clearly don't have the necessary skills for the job? Here's what I'm talking about . . .
On Monday, the principal of Peyton Elementary School in Peyton, Colorado. . . a guy named Michael Auclaire . . . made students handle a bag of human feces . . . in order to teach them a lesson on CLEANLINESS.
Apparently, the bathroom used by the fourth and fifth-grade girls was constantly a mess . . . and Michael and the janitorial staff were sick of cleaning up after the little brats.
So to teach them a lesson, Michael collected a bunch of feces and urine in a bag . . . and forced students to put on a glove and look inside the bag.
According to Michael, the intention was to get the kids to understand that it's inappropriate to defecate on the floor or toilet seat . . . but he now realizes that having students handle a bag of waste was "not the best thing to do.” (Gazette)

I'm wondering how this managed to become SUCH an issue that this extreme measure was taken... I'm also wondering how this principle would feel if their kid was exposed to someone else's pee or poo?? Why didn't they (the grownups, teachers, admin) step in and fix the problem before it came to this? Another article published by the Gazette documents that the principal is apologizing to the students and parents, and further said that they plan to monitor the bathrooms more closely now.... lightbulb - that should have been step #1.


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