Wednesday, September 10, 2008

green with frugalness

Random stuff.....

  • I buy Luvs brand diapers for our toddler - we started with Pampers swaddlers when he was a newborn, then while I was buying Stage 1 Pampers another mom gave me the tip off that Luvs are made by the same company as Pampers and I should consider giving them a try. I did, and they worked out great for us, so we've just used them exclusively. I find coupons in the weekly paper for Luvs often - usually $1.00 off (this past week had them).... you can go online and print a coupon here once you register for the welcome pack. Target is selling the Family Pack of Luvs (box) for 15.00 ea AND you get a $5.00 gift card (until September 13th) for the purchase of two. So in my opinion, if I have to have them anyway, it's much better to have them cheaper and get a gift card to boot! Just for frugalness.....that comes to around .12¢ per diaper. Hey - while were buying them, we like to save on them ;)!

  • I came across two green tips for household cleaning and I thought I'd share them. Green Daily posted a Borax article recently, and it included a link to 2 other helpful sources... This one for uses for Borax and this one for Safe Alternatives in household cleaning. I've been making alot of my own household cleaners lately, and this was a great little bit of info! After reading several articles recently about Fire Retardants - it has me thinking about things in general... things that are on my floor, things that my kids are exposed too. So, to hop back on my tree hugging freakbox - I am doing what I can to change our house. It gives ME peace of mind.

  • Lastly - a frugal friend of mine sent me a nifty link to a Free 24 Page photobook - although, you do pay shipping - $5. The software is slow, and I did have to restart the program several times and even thought I'd lost my creation a few times. This isn't one for the impatient, unless you're ok with the 'autofill' on the photos. The freebie is still posted and not marked 'expired' - I'd say it's worth it for anyone who wants to make a photo book. I was able to cram about 80 pictures in mine, along with some text. I ended up making a vacation trip memory book! I have noticed by comments on the forum that the majority of those who've begun receiving theirs are very pleased. I received my confirmation email today that mine was shipped! I'm waiting patiently - I certainly can't print 80 pictures for $5!


Amy said...

Ha! I thought I was the only person on the earth who still bought Borax. It's good stuff.