Friday, September 12, 2008

quick post

  • We have family in Texas, and because of that we're even more interested in watching how this storm plays out.... We're hoping for the best possible scenario in this catastrophic storm.

  • I watched gas prices go up 50¢ during one round trip of commuting to school this morning. I drove past the station on my way out, and it was 3.69 - on my way back home, same station was 4.19. Lines are out to the roads, and many places are completely out of gas. Interestingly enough a friend sent me this link today.... great timing, eh?

  • I'm not going to make a political speech here, or even promote my choice in this race... I will say that I'm a little done with the 'lipstick' wars and more interested in getting to know how the real issues would be handled by either party if they're elected to be president. Right now, it seems that there's a highschool feud going on - and it's disappointing that during a tragic, deadly storm - that we're still seeing highlights of the 'lipstick' crap on TV. Let's move on people... we're wasting precious airtime. Personally I think both parties should be smart enough at this point in the game to understand that some bullying, teasing, and off the cuff remarks are expected.

  • I got my photo book in, I mentioned that here. I'm happy with the book itself, the photos printed nicely and the text/font is dark and a nice size to read. I'm NOT so happy with the delivery/carrier - it arrived in a bent, crushed and partially opened package. The book is a hardback w/ a linen blue cover and would be absolutely great if it weren't bent on the corner!! I do plan to order a few more, even though the software left a little to be desired, it was easy to use overall.

  • One final thing to share.... as I was posting this, CNN was showing video footage of Ike coverage in Galveston TX - I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this photo. At least during all of this disaster, this person found a little humor still...