Tuesday, September 16, 2008

mud puddle bribery

We grilled out in the lightly drizzling rain tonight, and while big J was grilling little J played in our natural moat, splashing around and having a blast. After about 20 minutes and the chicken being done (see post below, I need some new ideas with chicken), we thought it would be fun to video our attempt of getting little J inside. We usually have fun and ask silly questions, he always answer's "no" and then laughs because he knows we think it's cute. Tonight we were surprised, and I'm SO glad we got it on video!! It's almost America's Funniest Videos worthy in my opinion!
Volume is needed for this one.... and just in case you can't hear big J's questions, he asked...
Do you want to go eat now?
Do you want to go get a snack?
Do you want to eat now?
Do you want a million dollars?
Do you want to kiss a girl??? (pay close attention here)


Heather said...

OOOOOOPS! Watch out, Jesse! Girls are M*O*O*D*Y! LOL That is so funny! How awesome you got it on video! Too cute!