Saturday, September 6, 2008

some changes coming this way soon

Soon I'll be changing a few things.... I've decided to re-vamp the blog a bit and make it a little less detailed by way of names. SO - for that reason you'll soon (in the next few days) be automatically redirected to the new blog. Please save the NEW link as your feed (if you read it regularly that is) as I will be removing this blog within 1-2 months of the new address being redirected.
I haven't posted anything in a few days because this has been on my mind - we have a few really great reasons to make sure privacy is kept private :) - no offense to anyone, but we know that random people can read about our lives and there are a few minor tweaks I wanted to make in order to protect the little ones...
So, yes, I'll still be boring you to death with my random mindless babble blogging just like always, and you'll not have to do anything but save the NEW address once you're redirected.....any ?'s just email me. I should have that redirect link working once I get the rest of the new blog settings finished in the next few days.