Saturday, February 28, 2009


Grown up changes: It's safe to say that alot of changes have been going on around here in general. We've felt our own affects of the floundering economy, but we're not in any way dealing with what so many others are dealing with. We're very fortunate right now, and we're keeping a positive outlook and realize that things could be so much worse.

Big E changes: We've noticed both of our boys growing right before our eyes. Somedays I wake up and they seem to have grown taller overnight, or with our oldest his facial structure seems to be changing to a more 'tween boy' look rather then a baby face. Most days we'd not know he was in the house because he's really into doing his own thing. Forgive me for not posting more pics of big E... most days he looks at us like "get that camera out of my face"... HA!

Little J on the other hand, has become quite the camera ham.... and I swear, he grew taller and looks older - overnight.


Minka said...

Growing overnight - that's just what children do! How must our parents have felt? And without digital cameras and blogs?