Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This week had been full of firsts, with new words/sentences, new things learned, etc. I'm glad to have caught Jesse's fun time w/ bubbles on video for a few seconds! He had so much fun doing this by himself!! The video quality is poor because I took this one with my cellphone. Notice at the end he puts the wrong end in the bubble solution - normally we'd panic (possible toxic yucky stuff) but these bubbles came from Gymboree, they're safe if swallowed! We bought them at the Gymboree Jesse was attending during this school year.

The Gymboree’s Bubble Oodles seemed a little on the expensive side, $6.00 for a 4oz bottle, a 5 hole pipe and little round dish that you can poor the bubbles in and when finished you can store the pipe and bottle there too. But after using them, I see their value for lots and lots of bubble fun that lasts and lasts!
For us these bubbles really are better then any other bubble solution you can pick up at any toy store. One little bottle lasts a couple of months or longer (I've found that they last longer if you wash the little bubble pipe after each use). I learned after the first few times to pour a very small amount into the container. I pour a thin layer of the liquid only, and we can then blow hundreds of bubbles for a good 10 minutes. The don't stain clothing, they actually don't pop when they land which allows little ones to go pop them! They're also made of a sugar solution which is totally kid friendly if they try to catch one on their tongue... or in our case, put the solution dipped pipe in their mouth! HA!