Sunday, May 18, 2008

mama drama and some fun outdoors

Drama = Yesterday I went back to have my eye's re-examined. It's not unusual that the unusual is my problem. I didn't know that having an astigmatism could cause such havoc! I learned alot in my second visit, and re-exam. Earlier in the week I received my glasses that I was super excited to get; I haven't had back up glasses worth a flip in 10 years and as a result I wear my contacts ALL the time and even sleep in them (gasp) nightly. Recently I scratched my cornea and found myself in much need of back up glasses... I was so excited to get them because it meant not worrying about wearing one contact if I had a problem. My prescription is a high minus prescription (-8.50 in contacts) and I knew this would mean thicker lenses in glasses, so I asked for the thinnest they had to offer and they still look thick. I picked them up right before they closed, so instead of taking my contacts out and trying them out they allowed me to make sure the ear adjustments were ok and let me leave with them. I came home and I put them on, and within 5 minutes was physically sick - everything I looked at had an arched/bent look to it. It was almost as if I had stepped into the wacky house at the fair in front of the wacky mirror. There were sharp colors around everything I looked at, and my depth perception was completely awkward. So after a very informative re-check it seems that my astigmatism has worsened, it explains headaches, my constant squinting when trying to focus on fine details (even with great prescription lenses at the correct power) and the blurs I see at different distances. ARGH! I go back a third time this week to try some newer toric lenses and they're going to try to do some other type of lens for my eye glasses and see if it helps. Fingers are crossed - my vision is wretched without glasses/contacts!

Enough about me.... HA! We spent the day outdoors until the storm came... here's a few pics of the boys playing at the park.

Ezra's shirt says "Give me some of your tots!" Cracks me up.
Hanging out in the tunnel while daddy takes pictures...
We stopped at Sonic again - 2 days in a row for happy hour!! The boys split a small fry at the park.
What is he up to?
Gosh - they both have their sneaky eyes ..... these boys!


Amy said...

I've had the same problem with glasses! I know EXACTLY what you mean about them making you feel physically sick. I hope they can get your prescription right soon. If you're like me, you really need some good backup glasses!