Sunday, May 25, 2008

Saturday/Sunday Stuff

Saturday morning Jesse had another haircut. We get his hair cut about each 4 weeks, I swear he has miracle grow for shampoo! Usually the hair cut is torture, even though we go to SnipIts for kids. The last two haircuts there's been a new girl to do it and she's been a little pushy with the electric clippers and we (Jesse and I) prefer it old school.... just plain old scissors! So this time we requested an appointment (usually we do walk ins) with Jessie.... she's the toddler whisperer of haircuts! She did his first haircut ever and is so patient and so good with kids. So who cried this time? ME! A tear of pride rolled down my face as he walked in like a big boy, told her 'haircut, ok!' and sat right down and waited patiently as she trimmed his mophead. He looked like a 4 year old sitting there all still and calm. The boy beside him was 2 and having a full blown panic attack (like Jesse USUALLY does) and all he said was 'he's so sad' to me over and over. After the haircut was done, he took his animal crackers that Miss Jessie gave him and his fun pass over to the special hair cut prize machine and earned his little frog toy! Not one tear shed by him today... but I cried because I was so proud! Well, that and I am torn between loving that he's growing independent and yet I selfishly feel sad that he's growing out of baby stuff!

After we left there we went and picked up a used train table that I found on a local want ad posting. It was a steal of a find, and in great condition. Fortunately we saved all of Ezra's Thomas the Tank Engine toys from when he was a toddler, and he had TONS! We have track, special buildings and people, and lots and lots of the trains! We go to the Little Choo Choo Shop sometimes as a special trip, just like we did with Ezra. They have a special kids train room and after visiting there and Books A Million's train table, we decided it would be nice to find a used table. So we did, and it was a wake up surprise after Jesse's nap. After a good cleaning of the table and all track and trains, Ezra and I spent a little time in putting the track together. Honestly, we haven't really seen much of Jesse since. We have to go check on him. Entertainment like nothing we've seen so far!! Ezra enjoys helping and hanging out with him at the train table... brings back old memories of building tracks with Ezra. Now Ezra can share that knowledge and joy of a famaliar interest with Jesse.

So with the race traffic, race crowd and over all race chaos - we snuck down the back roads to one of our favorite get aways. We feed the geese and had a blast outdoors!

Sunday.... My nephew is in town today for the race, so I decided to meet up with him and give him the rest of his birthday gift. He turned 16 on May 23. Mike would be SO proud of him! He earned his drivers license and is one proud guy!!! I actually ventured back out into the mess of traffic right at noon to drop off something else to him and realized why it is that we go out of our way to stay as FAR away from the traffic as possible. I was fortunate, I was going away from the track and yet I still managed to sit at a standstill for about 30 minutes before getting to move! We ran a few errands and then ended up at home outdoors with the neighbor's 8 year old and 3 year old playing in our yard with water guns. That was TONS of fun for the kids, and they had lots of fun squirting Jonathon. I was reading off and on while they played, it has been such nice weather this weekend. The youngest boys (Jesse and Xavier are toddlers) enjoyed watering the plants for me by taking turns with the water hose or the water guns. HA!


Heather said...

That's a frickin awesome table! How cool is that!