Sunday, May 11, 2008

weekend wrap-up

Not much posting lately; I've been journaling in MS Word and intending to clean it up, shorten it, and send it here... but that hasn't actually happened! So here's my weekend in review in short:

  • Friday - Jesse broadened the numbers he can count up to - we're pretty proud for him. He had Gymboree class today and the theme of the class was 'cars' and every possible thing to do with them. Driving, noises, pretend to be in one, etc. His favorite part is Gymbo the clown song - we want we want gymbo (to the tune of we will we will rock you!) the words to the song go right along with the original song... very creative and fun toddler rock.

  • Ezra is preparing for the 6 minute run at school and seems to have a much better approach to it now! We're letting him practice on the treadmill. At first he thought six minutes of full on running would be torture, but now it's no biggie since he can see how quickly it actually goes by!

  • Saturday - was a pretty busy day, I had an eye exam (yes, on Saturday) and bought my first pair of glasses (new frames, etc) in 10 years! My contact prescription went from -6.75 to -8.50 in 2 years time. That's NOT encouraging, but oh well - I needed the exam. I hadn't been to an eye exam since I was prego w/ Jesse. My last eye glasses prescription was from 10 years ago, so I have not had any reliable back up glasses and that's been no good! Happy Mothers Day to me - new glasses. Seems silly, but honestly - that's what was important to me; that and a steak dinner. We NEVER eat steak. Literally we eat steak about 4 times a year. I had a 5 oz. filet, enjoyed it with my in-laws for Mothers Day.

  • Sunday - Ezra and Jesse gave me handmade crafts and lots of sweetness through the day. We had Krispy Kreme donuts as a treat. I managed to get in a nap (this NEVER happens - wooohoo - Mothers Day MIRACLE!) We went to the mall together; and after that we picked up something for dinner. There was a no cooking rule for me for the day. We did make it home just before this storm that produced these funnel clouds came right over us. Fortunately we avoided it - as we left the Lowes Motor Speedway area we actually could see these clouds and the funnel formation over the interstate area.

Funnel Cloud in Cabarrus County near LMS
Funnel cloud near interstate, Cabarrus County.
Baseball size hail, varius parts of Mecklenburg and Cabarrus County received anything from quarter sized to these babies.


Amy said...

I have terrible eyes too :-) Hope you had a good Mother's Day. And . . those funnel cloud pictures are scarey!