Sunday, July 27, 2008

Airplanes and Boys

We visited Carolina's Aviation Museum this afternoon, Ezra had been with school in the past, and we'd taken him once before Jesse came along. Jesse LOVES airplanes, so we thought he'd love it, and now that Ezra's a little older - he's more interested in the educational aspect on the history of these old war fighter planes!
Ezra is learning about the Boeing KC-97L, the world's first major aerial tanker. Our tour guide for this aircraft (cockpit only). There were ALOT of controls, and Ezra asked ALOT of questions! Jesse wasn't a fan of the cockpit - so Ezra and I came back to get more info. Ezra was learning how the airplane would go into autopilot.

Below: Sikorsky Aircraft 1966 HH-3E Jolly Green Giant - Vietnam War Helicopter
Combat Search & Rescue Helicopter. I could not get over the size of this beast!

I'm pretty sure that this is a F-14 - but not 100%.... dad - you'd know... so let me know! I took the picture, because it's not everyday your toddler touches a weapon on a fighter jet. (even though it's an empty shell - it was a bit weird)

Ezra in a cockpit they had for kids to play in.

Jesse tends to turn beet red after playing outdoors - this is not because of sun exposure, more from his body temp. heating up from being active. Ezra has this happen too if he's playing aggressively. As we were leaving everyone was super concerned our toddler was sunburned. It takes too long to explain - so we just nod and say thanks for their concerns. This picture doesn't do his little red face justice, but his tongue sticking out is too cute not to share... I plan to contact the ped. one more time just to feel assured this is normal for some children!