Sunday, July 6, 2008

off to the mooovies

We took the kids to see Wall-E; this is Jesse's first visit the the theater! He did so great, I was pleasantly surprised. I put too much thought into it, and don't give him enough credit. He sat for all but 10 minutes of the entire movie, including credits (which is complete overkill if you ask me). The movie was my first theater movie in over 2 years. I don't get much out of going and spending $5-$8 on a movie that eventually I can rent for 1.00!! HA! Jonathon likes to go to new releases w/ his dad because it's so much more interesting (according to him) to view the graphics and special effects on the big screen.

The kids really liked the movie, we went for the matinee, and I was pleasantly surprised that Jesse got in free! Ezra was excited because they have blue slushies! I was glad to have yummy popcorn, that's my favorite part of going!


Amy said...

Grandma(my mom) treated our boys to Wall-E this weekend too. They loved it. I'm like you -- I haven't been to the movies in years. I'm too cheap, and I almost always fall asleep. Jonathan worked at a theater in high school, so he really likes going to the movies. In fact, he went to the 10 p.m. showing of Indiana Jones last week -- after we all went to bed. Poor guy . . . I never go to the movies with him :-( Anyway . . . I'm glad you had a good theater experience. You never know how the little ones will react to an outing like that!