Tuesday, July 22, 2008

catching up

I've been catching up from being w/o a computer, and now I'm trying to get ahead so we can go to the beach. We have a sweet little villa reserved at Folly Beach, and I can't wait! In the meantime... I found us a new camera, it's not a DSLR but it'll do and I'm figuring it out little by little. I bought it from a local photographer, it's only 6 months old and I got a steal of a deal on it! Our camera was 5 years old, nothing really wrong with it - just wanted to upgrade. I haven't figured it all out yet, but I have been snapping a few test photos here and there. The person who I bought it from showed me a few nifty tricks on a point and shoot that allows better clarity... and then she set it back to factory settings (go figure) while she was showing me all of the options. I guess she had some kind of idea that I was paying close attention? HA. So, now I'm trying to duplicate the settings she had so that I can have the same great crisp clear pictures she took while we were there!
The boys are great, it's been humid/hot and gross, so we've been staying cool indoors. We plan to go to the beach, Old Salem, and a few other exibits before Ezra goes back to school. He'll be a 5th grader!

Jesse visited the dermatologist for a minor skin irritation, and we're glad to know it's no biggie! It's superficial and will go away on it's own, and that's wonderful news!! Seems Jesse inherited fair skin.... so he's our little tomato toddler when he's been outdoors for a little while. He's also prone to skin irritations, contact dermatitis, and other little funky stuff that can all be fixed with the right amount of Aquaphor and sunscreen... good to know! The pediatric dermatologist was great with him and was impressed with how Jesse sat and let them poke and prod at him! After that was done, he excused himself from my lap to go play with the exam table up/down pedals. HA!

Before I figured out how to lock the frame and focus....

Jonathon handed his new iPhone over to the boys so they could call their cousins in Texas...


Heather said...

Handsome boys. Just so darn good lookin'!