Thursday, July 31, 2008

playing catch up

Tuesday we had TaiKwon Do class for Ezra; we've been rotating Tuesdays and Thursdays - this time I took Jesse to Ezra's class. There's an observation room where parents sit, I usually bring a book or laptop with me to work, but if I forget then I chum it up with the other TKD parents. Jesse had a blast, he gave high fives to everyone and was talking up a storm (some was completely gibberish) - two times he snuck over to the door that enters the room Ezra was in and he yelled for his brother. I think he didn't quite get it that this class was Ezra's special class... no fits, just curiosity.

Wednesday I threw my brain out the window - I forgot about Jesse's class!!!! I felt TERRIBLE when I looked on MS Outlook (my other brain) and realized that I had missed it. I have been so pre-occupied w/ getting things together for our trip, getting end of month work finished for the two companies I work for, getting appointments out of the way (haircut, doctor, etc). So... to make up for that, I decided we should meet Jonathon for lunch. We headed that way and when we were minutes away from where we were supposed to meet I called him to make sure he was leaving work so we'd meet on time; and he was walking out the door. Then he realized that he had a flat tire!!! What else would we have expected? That's how we roll. The boys and I ended up grabbing junk lunch to go and took it home to eat.

Finally, today we get back to the Honda dealership and get my skylight shade installed on the Element. We spent only 1 hour there today, the boys had fun. I took lots of pictures, I was tooling around with settings on the camera again... I was bored - the TV was on Noggin and Jack's Big Music Show... we came home after and I began packing a little for our 4 day vacation. Clothes are all ready to go - now just the other goodies to pack. :)

Sweet hugs... they hugged alot and I took alot of pictures, this one is my fav.

Jesse meets no strangers, he also evidently likes his women 'older'.... random kids hanging out.

So we leave Saturday; I'll have the laptop w/me of course (camera, photos - upload) - hopefully I can journal about our trip some. This is Jesse's first time to the beach! Yay!