Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th

This morning we went to our regular place for relaxing, at the lakefront. We love it there, it's a haul, but when we go we make a trip of it and get our favorite Chinese food and run any errands in that direction that we can. We spent the better part of the morning hanging out by the water. Surprisingly it was not at all crowded!

Jesse decided to skip nap today, mostly because we threw him completely off schedule! Oh well, he survived just fine and without a grumpy attitude too! We had Jonathon's parents over for a cookout and had lots of fun hanging out. During dinner it started storming pretty good, pouring down rain and pretty much putting a stop to any plans we had of venturing out for fireworks w/ the kids. We can see them from our house, the town nearby and the speedway do pretty large shows each year, so we were able to watch those with a great view. We had to wait on our little grocery store sparklers... maybe tomorrow!

Some brave people in our neighborhood bought the 'big show' fireworks, so we were blessed with hearing that until around midnight. Thank goodness for tact, eh? I mean, we only live in a neighborhood where houses are spaced 20-30 feet apart at best.... sometimes I wonder what people are thinking. That makes me sound like a stick in the mud I suppose, and that's fine - I just know that it sounded like a cannon going off in my house every time they launched a pretty sparkly firework creation into the nearby sky.