Wednesday, July 2, 2008

change in plans

I got up at 6am as usual, had coffee, checked emails, began working ... worked for about 1 hour then Jesse was up around 715am as usual. We did our normal snuggle routine and then Jonathon was leaving for work. Laptop on the kitchen table, as usual, waiting on an email from one of my employers. Jesse likes to drive with Jonathon, they usually back out of the driveway and then back in (Jesse steers the car) and then I get Jesse and off Jonathon goes to work.... after all of that we came back in, I sat down to finalize an email and my laptop was FRIED! Nothing would work!!

So - change of plans for the day. No working for me! Mind you, it's month end closing (for June of course), payroll cut off for one of my employers (I participate in making this happen for around 50 people) and I'm already backed up 2 days for the other employer because of their software failure! Fun day ahead! Too bad this iMac we have will not work with all of the programs I have to use for both companies!!

I ran out to Best Buy to see if I can find more 'memory' for my laptop - that is the first troubleshooting idea...they didn't have it in stock, so we went to Circuit City and it was on sale! Yipee - I love sales, especially when I'm not sure that it will fix the problem anyhow! Did it? Nope!! The other problem it "could" be according to the manufacturers series of beeps that the laptop makes when I power it on... bad video card. Which in this case is built onto the motherboard, and it's not cost effective to replace it. So, I must order a new laptop. I'm so bummed, all of my info (including many many videos that I haven't had time to send to smugmug), email contacts, saved emails, etc. are on my hard drive... I HOPE all of that can be salvaged!

Fortunately my employer of 8 years has offered 1/2 of the cost toward a new one. Thank heavens for them!! I do depend on a computer for work, not play - so it's a bit inconvenient for both of my employers. Thankfully, I received a back up laptop today from one of them! I'm going to be working my fingers to the bone during any down time at home for the entire holiday weekend. Yipee!

I hauled the kids back and forth all morning trying to get a solution to being out of work... I had to make the day enjoyable for all, I treated us (me and kids) to 'junk lunch' and we hungout in the back yard w/ the sprinklers and the little mini-pool we have. Waterguns were in use.