Thursday, July 24, 2008


We've had some pretty bad storms around our house lately... I say 'around' because they're literally surrounding us. Wednesday morning we had a heavy flash flood type rain for about 30 min that filled the baby pool 1/2 way full; there was lots of close lightening. We ended up skipping Jesse's toddler class, where Ezra sits in the lobby is surrounded by large windows from ceiling to about 1 foot from the floor - that kind of didn't set well with me so we decided to hang out at home. Below are clouds from Tuesday nights storms, we never received rain - but it sure looked bad!

These are clouds from Wednesday night - the sky was lit with weird colors.

Here's some pics from the boys at the pool today!

My tomatoes are puny, but they're still growing even though it's been 98 degrees w/o rain for several days in a row!