Monday, July 28, 2008

how it goes

So - I procrastinated.... for 1 year. A year ago I bought this nifty skylight shade for our Honda Element skylight (they don't call it a sunroof...they're weird like that) but I never had it installed. The skylight is right over the kids heads in the back seat and it gets pretty toasty back there if we're not parked in the garage. I figured now was a great time to get it installed, since we're going to be at the beach - where it's hot... right? Wrong! The part, a genuine Honda part, didn't come w/ instructions (we didn't attempt this at home); I called the dealer I work for and asked about installing it, and they said I should have received a template w/ it and if I didn't then they'd rather me take it to the Honda dealer to have it installed... they DO have to drill holes in my headliner! So, we did that - made an appt. with the local Honda dealer, a close friend of mine works there and she assured me it'd be around 45 min. They have a nifty kids room (see photos below) and we took a snack, and 2 hours later I found out that they didn't have a template!! They insisted my part should have included a template... but the box clearly says on the side "Instructions not included, see dealer for instructions or contact customer service" (it's not really a DIY type of job).... STORY OF MY LIFE! After 2 hours waiting (the kids were TERRIFIC!) we left, they were to call us when they figured out what to do (assuring - wondering about drilling holes in the headliner and roof - that can rust and leak... ha). I called American Honda myself, and they couldn't find a template to order!! HA! I just rolled my eyes, totally my luck (anyone who knows me is laughing HARD).

5pm - I get a phone call, they ordered one overnight... hopefully we'll get it installed before we leave. It's not life/death situation - I just find it absolutely insane that nothing that I 'plan' goes as 'planned.
Examples: in 2005 husband/stress test - I planned that he'd be told that they were concerned over nothing or something simple... but instead he had a heart attack during the stress test (after NO other symptoms of heart disease!).... on the flip side of planning... things that I don't plan keep happening too.... like our little miracle of Jesse - unplanned pregnancy 4 months after his triple bypass surgery (ha - cardio)... then I 'planned' a spectacular birth -HAHAHA - and after 20+ long hours of labor and a true attempt of delivery the way I wanted to do it... Jesse was born after we rushed into the O.R. for a c-section. (note - not exactly what I planned) Then there's the really mundane things that would take me days to list that happen literally daily. I've resigned myself to begin planning as if it's Bizarro Opposite World... maybe then it'll go as planned at least once in a while.
Right now - I'm planning our trip, packing, and getting ready for our first family vacation to the beach since Jesse was born. There's been alot going on that's prevented us from doing that. Until the past 2 years we'd been going every year on my birthday. We're going to do that this year! I can't wait!! I'd have to bet that I'm more excited then the kids.
Moral of todays long winded blog... procrastination will bite you in your BUTT!