Sunday, September 7, 2008

changing bits & pieces

Why the new blog? I decided I am going to make a few privacy changes within the blog content. I made a request on the blog for a couple of hits that I kept getting, and never received a reply. This way I can moderate who see's what I consider an intimate look into our lives. I guess I'm a little particular about who has an open invitation and realized I needed to make a few simple changes that I didn't think about 3 years ago! So save the new blog address to your favorites/feeds and I'll continue to bore you to death with my random posts! I'll delete the other blog address in a few weeks. So don't forget to change it!!
Why the strange title? Well - that's our life. The play on words is only because I only wanted to feel a 'little' tacky..... Mostly Assbackwards wouldn't really seem so lady like - now would it?? HA!