Wednesday, August 6, 2008

tears of joy and sorrow

"Photos may give insight into our lives, but memories of those times is what keeps them alive." ~Unknown Author
Mike w/Nicholas and Haleigh holding our Jesse at 6 days old... Feb 2006

Today is 1 year since my brother passed away. Today began as a somber day, a day of realization that 1 entire year has passed without Mike in my life... I miss him more each day, and it's really hard to believe that a year has passed. In many ways it feels like a lifetime has passed without hearing his voice, and in so many other ways his death is still so fresh to me. I did my normal routine today, stayed busy... around 1pm my dad called me with a crackling voice. He wanted to let me know something good had happened. My cousin was due to have her first son on July 31, but had not had him yet... her birthday was August 4, mine August 5 and yesterday when dad called me to tell me happy birthday I asked him had he heard from Aunt Melody about whether Jen had the baby... and she had not had him yet.... I selfishly told him that I wanted him to be born on August 6 - even though we don't live close, and we have really lost touch with each other's lives... it would be so uplifting to hear great news on such a sad day for our family. My Aunt called my dad to announce that Jackson Everett Currin was born this morning .... and I'm miles away from seeing him, not even sure when I'll get to meet that little angel - but he made his debut on a quite a special day. Just one year ago we lost a treasure, and today the world gained one. I'm so proud for Jennifer and her husband - what a special adventure they have ahead of them...


Heather said...

God blows my mind with the ways He shows us, "I'm here. I understand. I care."

We love you. Prayed for you and your family today.


Douglas, Jennifer,Brittany, Alexis & Nicholas Glover said...

I know that there are no words that will ever make this day any easier for you. Mike was truly an extrodinary man and a definate loss to this world. But please remember that even though he is gone, he lives on thru you Sarah! Your love for him, your memories of him and your will to keep those memories alive are truly amazing. I could never express to you how truly remarkable of a person you are as there will never be words that could describe you. But you are an inspiration to me everyday! You have endured so much heartache over the past couple of years and yet you still manage to keep a fire burning for life. And you will never realize just how special you are to so many people.

Just remember that Mike loves you and will always be there watching over you. Like the song says "I may have died but I've gone no where, just think of me and I'll be t here", Mike is always with you only now he is your gaurdian angel wathing over you.