Monday, December 17, 2007

The Boyz

Jesse's emerging from baby into boy, it amazes me daily how quickly he is learning. He watches everything, and takes so much in at once. Below are photos taken when we were on our way to Wilson (3 hours one way) for a 1 day only trip (see Dec. 15 post on trip)... left at 9am, arrived in Wilson just at noon, arrived back in home at 5pm. Long day - just over 6 hours of driving, and the toddler didn't complain once. He did give me pout face when I discouraged the idea of tossing his cup into the back of my seat... but otherwise he was a dream. I had to take pictures of pout face, there were no sounds, just the hands on the face with sad eyes of a boy who really really wanted to use his cup as a rocket launcher. Seriously, not even one whimper of complaint - I was tired of the car about 1/2 way back home! He totally has individuality, he's becoming such an interesting person!

A while back I bought a ball pit, it used to have a net dome over it, but that quickly became target of body slamming and pile driving into the pit. Boys, that's what they do! Each day after his homework is completed, Ezra has a routine of playing with Jesse... this is ALWAYS their first stop. Jesse loves just the idea of sitting in the ball pit with his big brother. They usually throw the balls at each other until they're all out of the ball pit. On this particular day I turned on a recorded episode of Barney for Jesse. He watches Barney and Sesame Street every day. He LOVES it. Me, not so much with Barney - but it is fine in moderation.