Saturday, December 1, 2007

December 1

Most of the day was spent getting some errands ran (groceries, Hobby Lobby, etc) and getting things done around the house in general.

Tonight after dinner, Ezra and Jesse watched a 30 min cartoon that we record once a week. Jonathon had to take a picture of them… Jesse copies EVERYTHING that Ezra does now, and the sitting down to watch a completely un-educational, goofy cartoon for 30 min was not an exception. We monitor TV time in general, giving other opportunities and ways to occupy time, and V-Chip controls access. This is the one 30 min a week we allow pure mindless goofiness, and both boys just laughed at the silly show. We aren’t TV Police, our boys just simply don’t seem to care either way at this point in our lives, Jesse likes the Wiggles and Sesame Street. Ezra used to care more about it, but over the last few years he cares less and less… maybe it’s the v-chip, who knows!
I’ve decided that since my 30 days of thanks is over and I found it uplifting to make it a point to mentally think each day of small details that make me grateful. So for the month of December I’m going to use the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation’s guide for 100 ideas for Kindness.