Sunday, December 2, 2007

Sunday Scribbles

We made our own salt dough and Jesse enjoys cutting, shaping and pressing into it. Note the shopping basket in the floor filled with pretend food and a pretend cutting board (pretend knife in his hand). He enjoys imitation play, so while I'm cooking, he helps with his grocery basket ingredients...

Ezra spent the morning doing several things. After he made his breakfast and ate, he helped me with Jesse up until his morning nap. Then he and I set out on an adventure of making more salt dough for a new project. Once we started phase one of our project, we moved on to getting dinner started... we're having a crock pot meal tonight so we had to chop veggies, and add them in to get it started for a slow cook for several hours. We loaded the dishwasher together while we waited on part of our project to dry... while that was drying he took some free time, lately his free time is 100% Lego's. He loves to build and create!

Here's a photo of one of the test projects; we are working diligently on handmade crafts this season.