Sunday, December 23, 2007

Over the river and thru the woods..

To grandmother's house we went.... we went to the NC Mountains for Christmas with my mom on Sunday. Nicholas, Haleigh, Jesse, Ezra, Jonathon and I packed into a van and headed out, it was pouring when we left but when we arrived there the sun was out and it was a decent day! We enjoyed a wonderful meal with my mom, and enjoyed opening gifts with the kids. It was bitter sweet - the kids were there, my brother Chris was there and we had a nice time with them, it was very hard without my brother Mike. Everyday without him is difficult for us all.

Ezra received a Lego's Castle kit from Grandma - he's already started building it! Jesse received a mini 4-wheeler Power Wheels, he's not quite sure of himself on it yet, but he is getting more curious each time he gets on there.