Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Time Out!

This is what timeout is beginning to look like, laying on the floor with the 'what did I do' look on his face. Sitting is the typical idea of timeout, but at 23 months, for 1.5 minutes of timeout - I'll take it whatever way I can get it, and honestly, it doesn't happen too often, YET. Why give this time out you may wonder??? Jesse thought it would be adventurous to climb the lower handle for the drawer beneath the oven door. Our door to the oven locks, so it can't be pulled open by curious toddlers... but not everyone's does! The natural consequence of opening an oven door is not a safe one, so timeout seemed the way to go on this one. I compromised, and gave him his stepping stool to help me mix (imaginary ingredients on the counter top). Hopefully by giving a safer alternative to his curiosity of climbing will welcome safer choices by the toddling one.