Monday, December 31, 2007

Cabin Fever

We've been hanging out at home for a few days, just playing and being home bodies. Yesterday it rained pretty hard for a while, so the ground is soaked! Today, it's kindof nice out, so what to do? It's New Years Eve, malls are packed, the ground is too wet and it's too cold for a park.... so I took the boys to the overlook at the airport. We live so close, why not? The boys had fun watching all of the airplanes land and take off just a few feet away from us, and we had a wonderful view of uptown! Jesse kept saying 'Aaa-cane' everytime one landed, and 'bye-bye' everytime one took off while Ezra and I counted how many, compared the large to the smaller ones, etc.
Sidenote - what have I taught my toddler when he uses his 'cellphone' when I'm on mine? Ha! Is this a picture of things yet to come??? Notice his paci in his mouth while he's imitating me. I gave him an old phone of mine. So I had a call come in on our way back from the little field trip today, and I had to take a pic at the stop light!