Tuesday, October 21, 2008

art letter

While I'm at home w/ the toddler, we do play and learn activities during the day at random. We generally use natural play to cease the moment of learning. One thing we've been doing more (because one particular toddler loves it)is draw in the sand when we're outside, this started out with us just making tracks for the trucks or trains to drive through and it turned into the him making a circle and then an 8 and realizing it and wanting to do more sand shapes. We just went with it, and since then he's shown interest in drawing shapes, letters, and numbers then he tries to copy them.

Today he was so proud to tell me "mommy, look, M!!" I thought he wanted ME to draw a "M"... I came around the corner to see that the Aquadoodle mat was proudly displaying a "M". MAYBE it was pure coincidence, maybe it was unintentional, we DID work on M last week.... who knows. Either way I was so proud for him, because he was so proud for himself!!


Heather said...

Well. I believe it was deliberate and so we will go with that!!!! That's my nephew!