Tuesday, October 28, 2008

toddler halloween wreath

I snagged this idea from this blog.... The little one loved doing this project. I did the cutting work of course, and he donated his hand and footprints. I think we'll use this as a yearly craft and watch his hands and feet grow! I have found a few more fun ideas and we hope to do them this week.
We used washable paints, 1 paper plate, construction paper (black and white) glue and scissors to do this project. We also used toddler feet (white ghosts) and toddler hands (orange pumpkins)...
First we painted the bottoms of his feet white several times and stamped them onto the black. Let that dry then painted in the ghost eyes and mouth. Did the same w/ the palms only of his hands and painted those orange, stamped those on white paper then let that dry and painted stalks and faces on the pumpkins. Cut them out, then glue them to the outer ring of the paper plate!


Heather said...

I love this idea! That is so totally cute. And a wonderful keepsake.