Tuesday, October 21, 2008

car talk

I read about 40 blogs, all of which are updated at various times of the week, and some daily. In the last week I've seen almost half of them post about politics. I've been reviewing posts for information, resisting my own blog posts about it, and re-centering myself in knowing why my vote is being made for the candidate I choose.

I generally enjoy reading opinions of different views on politics. I am one to research after reading and try to validate opinions based on facts. Today, I was surprised by a short conversation with our 10 year old. After hearing a political campaign message on the radio, and some brief information about the recent visits to NC by both candidates, my 10 year old had something to add.

him: so, are you decided? do you know which person running for president you'll vote for?

me: well, honestly I'm curious of how YOU feel about it? no matter what I'm deciding, what do YOU think?
him: well, I think that the previous presidents have done some good for the country, getting different peace treaties signed and all....and that's good. Hopefully whoever is elected will follow their lead in the good choices that they've made. ((he was pointing out that not ALL of the past choices were bad))

me: really, how do you think that has helped?? (at this point I was so proud that he even knew about peace treaties, he DOES pay attention!)

him: it just seems to be helpful that the peace treaty(s) keep things from being hostile, it causes there to be a balance. that way no one has all the control.

me: and what do you think the new president, whoever that will be, should do different?

him: oh, he'll have alot of balancing to do it sounds like.

HA. Even the 10 year old is aware of the crappy financial mess this country is in!


Heather said...

He's such a smarty. That's my Big E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I miss him so much.