Tuesday, October 14, 2008

in five minutes or less...

  • Friday after dropping big E off to school we were rear-ended... no major catastrophe, and the boy and I are fine. The SUV is super durable and came out with mere scratches ;). Not even worth getting insurance involved.

  • Saturday we had some of the neighborhood kids over for turkey dogs, chips, cake and a pinata beating... that was a blast. Jonathon's parents came by and had fun watching those kids go after that pinata.... We offered big E a birthday party OR gifts... what do you think he chose?? Since he chose gifts, we ended up having the neighbors over for just dogs and chips. They're usually over on the weekend anyway, so to make it more about the birthday we waited to do his cake for Saturday and got the pinata. What fun it was!

  • Sunday was a trip to our fav. Chinese restaurant... where we would leave our debit card (another city away) and have fun trying to figure out where we left it!! Once we discovered it was there, we were a little less worried about fraud or theft.

  • Monday was a trip to pick up the card after dropping big E off at school....we ended up getting a toddler haircut since we were near our fav. place for haircuts anyway!

  • Monday also marked 'black Monday' at my employer's.... they laid off over 15 people in just under 2 hours. I'm fortunate not to be in the mix, I work for them from home - independently. It's sad, and I'm so sad for these friends of mine who've lost their jobs. Just awful.

  • My SIL and BIL in TX have officially been given the opportunity to adopt 2 of their foster kids!!!! I'm super excited for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Heather said...

I hate we missed the whole pinata thing. =0)