Thursday, October 2, 2008

a random meme - tagged

Tagged by my sister in law , I've been asked to share 6 random things about yours truly. So here you go!

  • When I was little I had a bedtime fear - this didn't occur until my brothers (particularly Chris) would sneak in my room to scare me, or worse - hide under my bed when I went to bed! So, to remedy my fear, I'd cover my ears and eyes with a blanket or pillows. I literally wrapped a small blanket up like a burrito and then tucked it around my head to seal off the noise. Silly - but it worked!
  • I am a preachers daughter and I was almost named "Angel". Ha - bet that would have been fun to deal with in school. Most people know that I'm a preachers kid, and think that my name has some strong symbolic biblical meaning - all the while I was actually named after the song by Hall & Oates - Smile Sarah Smile.
  • For a while I worked for a company and did 'repo' work and account management. Imagine that, me (at about 110 pounds at best then) showing up to 'repo' something. I learned alot, became a little jaded - and I'm very glad I moved on from that line of work. Someone has to do it - but not me!
  • I like to dunk french fries into a Wendys Frosty.... of course, this isn't healthy - so it's a rarity. HA!
  • I can recite every word to Ice Ice Baby AND Barenaked Ladies "one week" - and now that I think about it, neither of them really make much sense.... so why did I bother? Mis-spent youth.
  • When I was in my early 20's and was leaving my then boyfriends house around 11pm on a Friday the 13th, I hit a deer - on Moose Road. When I called 911 for assistance (it shattered my windshield, antlers came in through the glass) they hung up on me and thought I was prank calling. I wasn't at all happy with them.

I'm supposed to tag 6 people for this one.... but I'm only tagging Amy, Julie and Jennifer. So, let me know when your entry is up on your blogs - post a link back in a comment on this blogpost!

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Heather said...

Funny about deer on moose road. LOL

I think the name Sarah fits perfectly!

I would have been Jeremy Chad if I were a boy. Weird.

Christine said...

Sorry about the deer. How scary. I was almost named Riannan.