Thursday, October 9, 2008

changing things

big E's room has been plain old white since we've lived here. He's changed his mind 10 times about colors. We finally agreed we'd just surprise him based on his colors of interest.... so today we started the design on a dime bedroom re-do birthday project.....He has no idea at this point of colors, theme, anything.
We (Jonathon) taped, and (I)painted 3 walls in just under 2 hours.

Then today, I finished the base color for the headboard wall. We're leaving it at this for about 3-4 days, then finishing off the project w/ the 3rd color (very navy blue - color of his new chair). We've ordered a couple of the peel and stick wall decals to finish off the look for him. All in all - the room re-do, was a total design on a frugal budget.

Big E was so surprised and excited! He wanted a 'beach' theme since our visit to the beach. So I fould this tropical boy quilt, and found a cordinating bedspread to interchange from time to time. He LOVES IT!!


Michael F said...

I'm diggin it! The orange reminds me of Nike for some reason I like it. In fact you guys did such a great job in a short amount of time I have decided to let you paint our house when you come out!