Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My SIL posted this meme on her blog recently... she didn't officially 'tag' me, but I thought I'd give it a whirl. I am tagging Julie, Amy and Jennifer... let's get honest! So if you post it, then post a comment for me so I know to read it!!

Worst thing about you that you wish people never knew:

I wrecked my car once, at highway speeds (because I was on the highway), because I passed out at the wheel. I was drunk. I'm not proud - at all. I'm completely ashamed. I would kick my own ars if it were possible. I'm very fortunate to be alive after the speed and location of the accident. My parents don't even know... well - now my dad does (after reading this, sorry dad - but I was a dummy). But that's what this is, right? The brutally honest meme?? So there you go - I was a drunk driver. About 2 weeks later, my brother was hit by a drunk driver, he was injured and eventually was fine - but it could have been fatal after seeing the wreckage. I haven't had so much as a sip of wine and been behind the wheel since 1998. I will not let anyone I know drink a sip of wine and drive me anywhere - and if I can stop them, they won't drive themselves either. I wish I could go back and make that day different but I can't, it's my mistake, I live with it. I thank God everyday that no one was hurt by my stupidity.

What annoys you?
Insecurity, poor accountability, superiority complexes, bullies, indirect answers...
And on a lighter and slightly personal note, when my bra isn't comfortable - I'm pretty annoyed... also, when people drive with their signal on for no apparent reason - that's annoying.

What do you enjoy doing all alone?
bubble bath with a good book

What do you enjoy doing with friends?
laughing, talking, hanging out.

What do you enjoy doing with your kids?
I love watching them grow... but WITH them, I love to laugh, go to the lake, go for walks and 'treasure hunt' together, dinner time when we sit and talk, laugh and act silly. We actually DO sit together for dinner every night! I think in 6 years of marriage, we've maybe missed that 10 times.

What do you like most about your significant other?
I love that he's a great father to our kids, and a great husband and friend to me. Overall, our lives have taken us on one interesting ride - and he's stuck by, hung in there, and worked with me on this journey of ours, through thick and thin. I love that he's committed to this family and to being a father and when he gets home from work he devotes his time and attention to the family and doesn't flop down on the couch and ignore the kids as if they're 'my job' (I actually know people who do that). I love that we can have moments where we're not talking at all and then randomly start talking about the same thing.. that's a little weird, but it's also pretty neat!

What trait does your child have that you admire?

Big E - creativity - he loves to build things. Give him a random box of lego's and he can come out with a car from scratch... as if he saw instructions (but there really weren't any) and did it.
The toddler - passion - he has a passion for certain things. He knows what he wants and is very passionate about it.

What about you annoys others?
my convictions, my directness, my obsessive need to put certain things in the same place, my liking things a certain way... I'm sure there's tons and tons more.... :) I'm only human!

What about you is utterly obnoxious?
directness I'm sure, often I hear that I 'come across'... when I hear those words I cringe, because I don't INTEND to 'come across' anyway - it's just who I am.

Who is your favorite Historical Figure:

If you walked in a bookstore, what part of the store would you walk directly to?

What is your least favorite type of book?
science fiction, hands down (sorry dad)


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