Tuesday, October 28, 2008

if I only had a brain

Life lesson # 6,999,987,123 = Never attempt to 'purge' old toddler toys (broken, un-used, outgrown, and just in general pointless to keep) WHILE the toddler is awake.... It's been fun trying to sneak them into certain piles. I could have planned this better I suppose. We have a throw away pile, a Nicholas pile and a keep pile. At the moment he's jumping into the piles. All boy.

I'm a big dummy. Quite counterproductive. Either way, we need to do it - and right now I have time in between crafts this morning and work in about 30 minutes when he naps. The child has so many toys he never plays with... we're passing some of the 'baby' toys to Nicholas and we know they'll be put to good use there. Others are missing pieces and just useless. We're also going for the less is more approach this holiday season. Less by way of little odds and ends, and more by way of finding good long lasting toys made of natural resources. He's in love with wood trucks, cars, etc., and his imagination explodes with the simple things we give him. So, with Christmas and his birthday right around the corner - we're making room for what will take place of the toys we're letting go of now.

We still do the 'special box' in the closet. I have 5 plastic tubs and in each tub are toys that are of a 'theme' - like music toys, cars, planes, trucks, manipulative's for learning, etc.... these special boxes have been a lifesaver! Especially with rainy day blues. It also keeps him stimulated not to have all of his toys out at once. It seems like a big surprise when we pull out a special box! Almost as if he forgot he had those toys.

Well, back to it. Hopefully this project will be out of the way today. We still have to finish our special halloween craft from today. The paint is drying now, then the final step!