Thursday, October 23, 2008


I love autumn. The leaves changing, the smells of the holidays just around the corner, the comfort food, the beautiful October sky... I could go on and on. The only thing I don't really care for is the unpredictable weather, but that's not a biggie. It's fine, it comes along with changing seasons. I've been taking alot of photos of the colors. It's fall, things are changing around here.

The leaves of the tree in our front yard today.

A photo of the baby 'compkin' that the toddler picked out!

Ethel and Mayberry - the protectors of our pumpkins!

A beautiful sunflower - with a bee!!

And last, but certainly not least, such a favorite part of fall...... Reese's pumpkins!!! I have no idea how those got in my bag at Walmart the other day!


Heather said...

Yeah, how did those get in there?

LOVE the pix. Esp the sunflower