Saturday, October 4, 2008

anniversary train

Today we celebrate 6 years of marriage!! Last year I wrote a little about what got us where we are today, and some things that have brought us closer and stronger. Another year under our belts, another year of learning and growing together as friends, partners in this journey of life, and parents to two terrific boys.
We decided to go see Thomas the Tank Engine w/ the kids, have a afternoon outdoors, and finish it off by grilling out and treating ourselves to a 6oz filet mignon (it's a big deal around here to eat red meat).

A day out with Thomas the Tank Engine. We took big E when he was 4 and he had so much fun, and we just knew little J would love it! The look of surprise and excitement on his face when he realized that we were going to see a REAL Thomas Train AND get to ride on coach cars while Thomas pulled us was priceless!!
Big E was right there with little J cheering on Thomas. We got up early, the attraction draws 10,000 people in each year in the small town of Spencer. We arrived at 8am, and the parking lot was full of empty spots, as we left mid-day the parking lot was crammed with cars, and they were directing traffic! I'm glad we opted for an early morning train ride reservation. They had train tables set up throughout the entire attraction, in many different locations. We have one at home, but nothing beats playing with other people's toys!!

Both of the boys had a blast today, it was nice to see big E enjoy the excitement with little J. We took lots of photos and some video too. I will post them to smugmug this week.


Heather said...

Happy Annviersary! Your roses are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary!