Monday, June 23, 2008

boy humor, all reality

I have the privalage to mother 2 boys, this comes along with lots of interesting things... moms of boys understand. I expected some things, because I grew up w/ two brothers, but because they were older I didn't always pay attention to some of the conversations my parents had with either of them. I know that that girls come along with an equal share of interesting things; so today I thought I'd share a few recent things that have gone on in our house related to Boyz Only. I can't help but journal these conversations, and I keep alot of them saved to private just for a family journal... I hope anyone who reads this and has raised or are raising kids of their own can sit back and laugh and enjoy the similar memories/moments they have of the art of raising kids!

Todder Talk:

Jesse: where'd it go?
me: where'd what go?
Jesse: the paci, where'd it go?
me: where did you put it? is it by your trains? (he's back to paci this week - ugh, slow process of weaning)
Jesse: uh, no, I don't see it
me: (phone call from work at this very moment) oh, I see it (while I tell my employer to hang on a second), it's over by your balls.
WORK: Ahhhh, Sarah, what are you talking about?
me: good lord, I'm sorry - I throw all class out the window at this point - I have two boys, one's interested in puberty and all about it, and the other is obsessed with any ball - so yeah, that's where his passy is, on the floor beside his ball pit balls - not by his balls. (I was glad it was a person who knew me well enough to laugh with me)
Jesse: yay! There it is!!

9 year old questions...

Ezra: what's puberty?
Me: what do you mean? do you want me to explain it all to you?
Ezra: well my friend at school says it's when you fall in love, it means you're old enough to fall in love
Me: well, ok - puberty is actually changes with your body, and mind. so I guess he's not all wrong, but mostly it's more about growing up and changing physically and then mentally to match your physical changes.
Ezra: what do you mean physical changes?
Me: (wishing my husband were home for this one) well, the short 9 year old version I can give you is that your body will change, your shoulders will get wider, your 'boy parts' will get bigger (trying to really be tactful about this), your voice will change deeper, your muscles will take shape more, you'll get taller, you're sweat will become a little more stinky, acne will begin to show up on your face possibly, body hair will grow in places....
Ezra: stop right there, that's gross - let's not go over where hair will grow, I think I'm good. Doesn't sound like falling in love at all. I'm going to go play with my hotwheels now, thanks.

HA!!! This is what it's like to have boys in my house right now. Balls and puberty.


Dad said...

That is hilarious. Brings back a few mwmories of my own.

Love ya,