Thursday, June 12, 2008

the bug

Today we went for library time; Thursdays this summer will be library time for both boys. Jesse will enjoy a 45 min 'laptime' reading activity while Ezra enjoys freedom to explore any book in the juvenile fiction or non-fiction section.

We also signed up for several special library activities this summer that include Snakes Alive, Magic Show, a special story teller, and Nothing Bugs Me.

Ezra checked out 3 books today, and so did Jesse. Ezra was so eager to read, that he's already filled in one 60 minute time slot!

update on sick ppl: Jesse's better, I'm not on the mend yet - it seems that the antibiotic I am taking is not agreeing with me, it's making me sick! So I'm getting a new one I suppose...yuck.


Amy said...

Our local library is having the same special events (Snakes Alive, etc.). They must be traveling shows!