Sunday, June 8, 2008

weekend wrap-up

This weekend we took it easy; Jesse had round two of his cold and I'm at fault for it. I've been sick, and I've not went to the doctor... I guess that's what moms do - we hold the martyr title to a degree when it comes to pushing forward even when we feel bad! Well, I'm guilty. I've been working more then usual lately, and I'm sure that less sleep, and more work has added to my body's inability to fight off this yuck.
Saturday we took a family trip out to the airport overlook and had slushies and watched the airplanes. Both boys enjoy that and we usually try to go one time a month. It was really too humid outside to do much else, after dinner we had a family and neighbor water gun fight - and we were ALL soaked! After the water war was over, all of the kids used the rest of their water in their water guns to 'feed' our garden. HA. At least they're not wasteful!!
Jesse and I napped together on Sunday - he wanted to take his nap, and was in his bed coughing and squirming the entire time, so I just went up there to join him and see if elevating his head on my chest would help - and it did :) we slept for about 2 hours I suppose. I rarely nap, when I do I usually regret it because I never feel 'rested' afterward. It was nice to take a break from working during 'down time' in our house. That's usually when I work, clean, or read. But not this time - I was snoozing and needed it so bad! We had Richard and Ava over for dinner Sunday evening and the kids enjoyed a little time indoors hanging out!


Heather said...

That squirt fight sounds like FUN! We sued to give the girls the little 10 squirt guns, and we would get supersoakers and have a fight! Not fair? You're right! And it was fabulous! They loved it! The neighbors would laugh so hard!