Thursday, June 26, 2008

random bits

This past Monday Jonathon took a business trip to Myrtle Beach Hard Rock Park. The company he works for is handling designing all apparal for the park. While he was gone I took a short video on my cellphone of the kids waving hi to him - he's rarely away for dinner/bedtime and so I wanted him to see them at dinner as usual. Jesse decided that the pool looked cozy, so he jumped in with all clothes on... Ezra was practicing light sabers and TaiKwon Do. None of the videos are great quality, they were all taken w/ my cellphone.
The video below is from Jesse's toddler class this past Wednesday, he loves the music portion of the class. I plan to catch Ezra at TaiKwon Do next week, this week he was in an area in the room where he was blocked from view from the observation window. Hopefully next week they'll have him lined up closer!

Finally, this last little clip is of the boys having some indoor fun today ... at full speed. Jesse and Ezra love playing this game. Not sure exactly who came up with it, but Ezra grabs pillows and rushes back and forth as if he has to make it to the other couch as quickly as possible. It cracks Jesse up, and Jesse says "ready set go" over and over for Ezra to keep going. Two boys, with lots of energy!! I dream of having that energy!!!