Wednesday, June 25, 2008

how things are growing

We have lots of tomato's growing, Ezra's super excited - especially after the recent tomato contamination recall. We're glad to have our own growing for now!
Basil and Oregano are doing great, we made a lasagna this past weekend with these yummy herbs and wow does fresh make a difference in taste!
We haven't had alot of squash produce yet, they're coming on now - so we went to the store today to pick up 2 more for dinner tonight. I prefer the organically or locally grown squash and I was so surprised at how small the veggies were! Mine was actually bigger!! I only picked one today, mine is far left one in the picture below. Even the color was more yellow then the ones from the market. Ok, so I cooked 1 squash, not much to write home about - but they're are more to come from the 3 plants we have managed to nurse along in the dry heat.

Pitiful, that's the only thing I can say about the strawberry's I planted. Tiny, puny and pitiful. Full of flavor, but I like to call them my preemies. Maybe next year... For now, I search out the Farmers Market and EarthFare for organic berries - otherwise, we will have none :(. I am keeping the dirty dozen list with me when I shop, and strawberries are exposed to alot of chemicals/pesticides unless they're organically grown... this is why I wanted my own. Oh well, so the Family Berry Patch didn't go as planned, back to the drawing board.