Friday, June 27, 2008

first carousel ride

We go to Concord Mills Mall often, and this Carousel has been inside for as long as I can remember... but I just now decided to jump on it! We had fun! We were 1 of 3 parent/child sets on board. I'm a mid-morning, mid-week mall mom - I like to go before the tourists arrive :).

Ezra was a little 'too old' for it in his opinion, but he was a wonderful big brother to enjoy the experience w/ Jesse. Ezra's in that in-between stage where some things seem to juvenile for him, and then again some are not. I love that he was secure enough in his boyhood to embrace this little happy moment with Jesse ;). Big brothers rule. Go figure that I took the video w/ my cell, thought I took 3 of them - and the only one that saved is the pacifier one!!! Oh well, I'm not trying to be in denial - my kid still likes his paci, there I said it. Excuse the poor quality, I keep forgetting to charge the digital camera battery! Jesse hugged the horse bye-bye when the ride ended... I missed getting that on video.