Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Happy Day

Oh happy day for Ezra! He's officially a 5th grader! He received all of his EOG testing results, writing test, and report card - and he's officially DONE being a 4th grader! He's super excited about summer, and we have some fun things planned weekly for the boys individually and together too! Jesse and I surprised Ezra early at school, after lunch - Jesse went waltzing down the halls saying loudly 'Where's Eza? Where'd he go? Where's he at mommy?' 'Eza? Eza? Eza????' He doesn't say the R in Ezra's name. It's so sweet to hear him call for his brother. We picked him up early, the teachers received some end of the year thank you goodies and we headed out. Mrs. Miranda (Ezra's main teacher) is expecting her first baby in August, so we are eager to hear from her when he's born, she promised the class she'd be by to visit with the baby when school starts.
After getting home early, we played, hung out, talked and then celebrated with pizza. We rarely eat pizza, it's just not good for us in general, but it was a treat to Ezra and we enjoyed it. After pizza I told Ezra I needed him to run an 'errand' with me. He had no idea... we were traveling to his former TaeKwon-Do instructors building. He went there for 2 years during the time he was at the previous elementary school, they were his after school program and TKD class combined. He liked it then, and we had to stop after he was transferred to another school - it just didn't work out with the TKD class schedules. We decided to surprise him with 10 lessons this summer, and possibly continue it next school year! HE WAS SOOOOOO SURPRISED!!! He literally had a tear of joy in his eye as he walked in to see his former instructor - who honestly is one of the most kind hearted and patient role models Ezra could possibly have. He is near and dear to our family, and always will be. Ezra loved his class and can't wait to go back for more!! His instructor is now a 5th Degree black belt!! Ezra's so proud to be back in TKD!

We will begin TKD for Ezra for the entire summer on Tuesdays, and then Jesse's activity begins on Wednesday's. Each boy is going to have a special day of the week with their own 45 min activity; and then on Thursdays we'll do library time. Ezra will enjoy age/grade appropriate activities, and private reading times while Jesse does toddler laptime occasionally. Certain Thursdays they'll blend all age groups for group activities. One of the activities is Snakes Alive; I personally can't wait to see that!! There will be crafts, etc., and I'm so excited to have the local opportunity right around the corner to help fill days with fun activities for the boys! With the price of gas so high, we tried to be mindful in finding and agreeing to activities that are within 5 min of the house. Mondays and Fridays will be free days, we'll probably swim in our pool(s) in our neighborhood or play at the splash ground at one of the pools, the other day will just be there for errands, relaxing, or whatever we want to do around the house.

We're planning a trip to the beach this summer (thanks stimulus refund), it will be the first time we've gone since Jesse's birth. I'm excited. We're also planning to visit our family in Texas late summer, early fall. We hope to have a fun summer break!

update on the sick: Jesse is much better - and sleeping much more restful w/o coughing. My sinus infection has become the worst sinus infection in the history of my sinus's. I can't bend over without feeling like the pressure in my head will explode out of my eyes or ears. Hopefully prescription antibiotics will help. I haven't taken any antibiotics in almost 3 years! Time for the big guns!


Heather said...

YAY big E! You did it!

Enjoy your lessons! I bet Mr. Kempka really missed you!

Jesse, hope you keep on the mend.

Mommy, go to the doc, woman!