Tuesday, June 3, 2008

passing the test

January of 05 proved to be a pretty tough test for Jonathon; he took a stress test, had a heart attack while taking it, and well - if you read my blog at all you know the story from there on 0ut... Jan. of 06 posts have some of the details.
Each year after he has to take another stress test; yesterday was that day for him. They pushed him to the max with his test, and told him by phone today that his results were above average for having had his surgery and prior health concerns. He was also pushed harder then the average stress test in order to test his hearts endurance - and his heart said 'HA, TAKE THAT!'
It makes me so happy that he's another year healthy according to all of the tests! It also makes me feel grateful that he's had a 2nd chance at a healthy heart, and we're not taking any chances with our lifestyle, as a family we eat healthier and go on nightly walks together... Ezra understands that it benefits our health. As for Jesse, it's just what we do!


Heather said...

I still think he should not have worn those work boots for his first stress test! LOL

Congratulations!!!!!! That is very, VERY good news!